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We Design Beautiful Invites for Weddings.

Invites with a personality. Invites that tell a story.

Invites that you and your guests will absolutely love!

Unique Invites, No Templates

A heady blend of Photography, Illustrations and Typography!

Beautifully Designed, Brilliantly Produced

Designed by Artists and Professional Designers, not the printer's DTP guy!

Poetic, Witty and Warm

Written by Professionals, not the same guy who writes obituaries!

  • Brilliant stuff! But how much does it cost?

    We don’t have a fixed fee. Just like a wedding,
    it depends on what you want. But unlike most vendors, we promise to be fair and transparent in our pricing. So no paying for Orchids and getting Lilies.

  • Do we get to meet you guys to discuss the invite?

    We live and work in Goa. It offers the perfect environment to create beautiful invites. So if you’d like to do a pre-wedding honeymoon and come to Goa to discuss your invite, you’re more than welcome. In fact, we’ll help you plan your trip: find the loveliest places to stay, the best restaurants and the most happening clubs!

    Otherwise, we’re pretty good at doing stuff online and over phone. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from more than 25 different countries. And all of them have been satisfied with our understanding of what they wanted and what we made for them.

    *In rare cases, if you really, really want us to come over where you are (and are willing to pay for the travel), we just might.

  • Ok, so then how does it work?

    It’s really simple. You tell us roughly how much you want to spend on the invite. Based on that we’ll give you a couple of options of what can be done. And once you choose the format and style, we’ll ask you a lot of questions, about your relationship, about what you like, the kind of people you are... And then we’ll suggest a creative idea around which the invite can be designed. Once you like the idea, we’ll go ahead and make a beautiful invite for you!

  • Sounds good, but what about the printing / production?

    Getting your invite printed isn’t nearly as difficult now as it used to be a couple of years back. We’ll send you the print files for the invite and instructions for the printer. You can get it printed in your city.

    If you’d like us to get the printing done, we’ll get quotations from the printer and coordinate the printing. We’ll check the samples, make sure everything is perfect, get the prints and courier them to you. For all the effort, we’ll charge a little bit extra. You’ll have beautiful invites home delivered, without any hassle!

  • Money is not an issue, but I want to do something out of the world! What can you do for me?

    When the Americans were trying to get to the moon, they never let money come in the way. So you’re on the right track! While we aren’t ‘Rocket Scientists’ and wouldn’t know what to do with billions of dollars, we can definitely make an Invite that’s out of the world. An invite on a bottle wine? Carved on marble? The only limit is your imagination... and ours!

  • I’m already married and I love my husband. But I’m celebrating my son’s 6th Birthday. Can you make an invite for that?

    Sure. We’d love to! We love kids and can make an amazing illustrated invite, with your son looking like “Superman” (or whatever his current Superhero fantasy is!)

  • What about a corporate event? We’re having a farewell party for our CEO of 15 years and want to do something special.

    Absolutely, we can make brilliant invite for your CEO’s retirement party, a Dealer Conference, a Launch Party or anything else you’re celebrating! We love working with the suits! :-)

    And if you work at a large company you might find our other venture interesting too:

  • I don’t have an invite to make, but I’m coming to Goa and would like to drop by. Can I?

    Definitely! We’d love to have you over at Villa P (our Worldwide Headquarter!). And if you bring something for our sweet tooth, we’ll serve you some of our Limited Edition, Homemade Saunf Vodka!

When we are not making beautiful invites,

We are usually sparring!

Once you’ve decided on the date, venue and the spouse, be sure we are the first to hear about it.

Write to or call us at +91 98909 26072

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